That’s why Apple HomePod bit more about music than on Siri (for now)
The Apple speaker sound very good, but in a limited way using the virtual server capabilities,

and so seeks to ensure the best possible user experience. In the future, however, the strategy of Apple could change
The Apple HomePod exhibited at WWDC

apple riparazione iphone

Monday, at the end of a long presentation over two hours, at the developer conference, Apple finally announced the most awaited device and talked in recent times is the HomePod.

I had the opportunity to hear it in a large room about how my stay, and to be able to compare its performance with that of Amazon Echo and Sonos Play 3. I heard five songs across all three

devices: The Greatest Sia, Sunrise by Norah Jones, Superstition by Stevie Wonder, DNA

Kendrick Lamar and a live version of Hotel California by the Eagles. Compared to Sonos, the dell’HomePod sound was clearer and clearer voices. The comparison with Echo was merciless.

The music he felt fine no matter where I was in the room. What we have failed to do, however, was talking to Siri, although the demo took place with an iPad, which would mean that the HomePod support Bluetooth.


On stage, Phil Schiller said the HomePod do it for the music that you listen to at home what the iPod has done for music in general. Of course, the iPod has done a lot for the music from the economic point of view and as a business model, but I do not think this is what he meant Schiller. I think the comment ‘reinvent the music in the house’ actually is closer to what the

AirPods made for wireless headphones. They have created an even more magical in associating the phone listening to music. HomePod offers a good quality sound, without the complexity of having to endeavor to find the best placement of the speakers to get it. The fact that the

apple riparazione iphone

HomePod understand where you are and if it is whether or not coupled to another HomePod

allows music to adapt dynamically preventing discomfort to the user.
By focusing on music, Apple has opened an immediately addressable market to a much broader segment of what an intelligent speaker could ever have. There are many more people interested in having cases with good quality sound compared to those who want an intelligent speaker with only one acceptable sound.

The maniacs of the latest technological innovations are willing to invest in a speaker to have the functions of a virtual assistant, but until now the limit price set by Amazon, and Google has not exceeded $ 249. Beyond this limit, the cost becomes hard to justify if the main object’s value is

in the server. Instead, what has not discussed the sound: and if dell’HomePod, even if the server is not for you, you will not regret the purchase. A smart move, because it is well known that Apple knows music, but especially knows your hardware.

apple riparazione iphone,

During the presentation, Apple has been spending a lot to describe Siri beyond his being voice. While several speakers spoke of artificial intelligence and automatic learning, Siri has become apparent as the brain, and not just a voice.

When it comes dell’HomePod, Siri becomes a musicologist able to understand musical taste and the various preferences and provide the perfect playlist to one request ‘Siri plays music that I


like.’ Choose what music to play according to taste, mood and time of day does not seem to be particularly difficult, and Siri has very high chances to get it right. This precision will lead to creating an ever greater trust in the user, you probably use Siri for other functions.

However, too much too soon to open this type of programming interface, or API, you could ruin this magical experience, and of course Apple does not want to take that risk. The number of things you can do with an intelligent speaker or any other device connected to a digital assistant is not, in my opinion, what really counts.

Alexa has over 11,000 skills (skills), but how many actually are regularly used in a way as to have an impact on the user? In a sense, the skills are the new applications. The numbers game works for a while ‘, but is intended to be reduced which of these skills will be able to take the

user to the linked device. Each of us uses them differently. For me, the morning reports and alerts on Alexa traffic have become an integral part of the daily routine.
Not even the number of devices that can integrate the virtual assistant is the